About Us

DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency was established in October 2010 by Independent Curator and Program Director Coral Lu. In 2016, we registered ourselves as a non-profit organization in the state of New York, USA.

DONGDONG & LULU Artist Residency Program is an international artists residency program that provides artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and create work in China in three main locations: Beijing, Nanjing, Ordos and Taiwan.

Our objective is to provide facilities for artists to easily start their projects and offer a community in which they can participate as much as they like. As a member of RES ARTIS, the International Association of Residential Arts Centers, we are committed to the promotion of multicultural arts dialogue. Within an immersion setting, DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency assists all participants to connect with the art scene, meet local Chinese artists and to source art materials. We provide the necessary support and encouragement to help you get the most out of your stay with us.

Currently, DongDong & LuLu Arist Residency offers two programs:

1) Regular Program - DongDong & Lulu invites international artists of all ages in any medium to apply for our artist residency programs in Beijing, Nanjing and Ordos. Artists from all nationalities are welcome to apply. Deadline: April 30 and November 15.

[Click HERE to apply for our Regular Artist Residency]

2) Emerging Artists Program - DongDong & Lulu invites young artists under the age of 30 working in any medium to apply for a funded residency (covering accommodation and studio space, travel and food costs not covered) in Nanjing & Beijing for the month of September (September 1st to September 30th). Artists from all nationalities are welcome to apply. Deadline: June 1.

[Click HERE to apply for an Emerging Artist Residency Fellowship (ONLY for artists under the age of 30)]

Residency in Beijing:
60 Art Area,
Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang,
Tongzhou District,
Beijing, China
Residency in Nanjing:
2101, Fangshan Art Camp,
3789 Jiyin Avenue,
Jiangning District, Nanjing,
Jiangsu Province, China
Residency in Hohhot:
Building G5, Unit 104
Yiliaodong International Garden
Saihan Dostrict, Hohhot
Inner Mongolia, China.
Residency in Taiwan:
1st Floor, Zhilanshanzhuang,
No. 37 Lanyang street
Houcuo Village, Sanzhi District
New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Residency in Ordos:
23rd Floor, Building 1,
Athlete's Village, High-tech Park,
Kangbashi District, Ordos,
Inner Mongolia, China
Residency in Garze:
Bamei, Dawu County,
Garze Tibetan Prefecture,
Sichuan Province, China
PC. 626401
Residency in Kunming:
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