Denise Keele-bedford

In a lovely quiet Traditional Chinese courtyard house, with broad windows facing South sitting on the comfortable sofa I soak in the warm October sunshine.
Coral has invited me to visit her residency where artists can come to experience village life in the Hutongs of Songzhuang.
The atmosphere is one of warmth, comfort, space, and quietness. Already my mind is stimulated thinking of the kind of artwork I could make in this place.
If one chooses solitude to create then this place is idyllic.
Once we walk from the gateway to the village streets the atmosphere changes.
It is of hustle and bustle; people riding bicycles, unusual style three wheel vehicles, cars and many walkers.  They are out for the late afternoon produce shopping for their evening meal, visiting friends or one of the many galleries.
Songzhuang Art District is a booming, energised art oriented platform for many Chinese and International artists.
We eat our evening meal at a favourite Hunan restaurant and later find ourselves enjoying music at one of the bars. 
During the day the Songzhuang Art Factory Street is lined with stalls displaying artworks, artefacts, books, clothes and I see beautiful traditional ink wash brushes.
The conveniences are ample with large supermarkets, fresh food markets, buses and taxis to take a trip into central Beijing, the underground train or any of the famous tourist sites.
I find that for artists to experience China, who want to produce art, meet artists, have fabulous dinners, see the sites of Beijing then this is the place to stay.
Coral welcomes artists to apply for residencies at all of the studios. I am looking forward to experiencing Nanjing, Hohhot and Taiwan.

Dan Wirén

I stayed in DongdongandLulu Artist-residency, Nanjing, in spring 2012.
This was a most fruitful time for me. The studio was excellent in an interesting environment. I spent my time continuing my work-process and got a friendly and sensitive introduction to places and fellow artists by the curator, Coral Lu. I also look back at the " Open Studio " in Fangshan Art-zone, with great joy and gratitude.
The contacts and acquaintances I got during this time still has a strong relevance in my work as an artist. I have also since then developed my interest in, and knowledge of Chinese art-life and culture. I am hoping to develop this relationship further in the future.
Dan Wiren
Stockholm, Sweden

Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

The Dong Dong & Lulu Residency provided me with a most wonderful experience on the outskirts of Beijing in a town called Songzuang.
My 1st encounter with the Director, Coral Lu, was a wonderful one! Coral, her husband Shen Jingdong and others made my stay very comfortable and at ease. They were all so helpful and most accomodating.  
I really was able to focus on my work in the space and the location was adequate to my needs in many ways.
Great residency for a painter or anyone working in mixed media!
We are still often in touch with each other and support each other!

Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow
Interdisciplinary Artist, NY, NY

Christopher Strong

I participated in the Dongdong and Lulu residency program in Nanjing for one month and then in Beijing for one month. 
From the moment I arrived at the artist camp in Nanjing I was immersed within the Chinese art scene. I met established artisits with many years experience as well as upcoming artists and students. 
The Chinese art scene is very different from that of Australia and is a subculture which can ony be understood by being part of it and being willing to learn and participate. This residency provided many opportunities to learn about Chinese culture and art culture. 
Coral and her team have extensive knowledge about Chinese artists, galleries and international art markets and know many people in Beijing and Nanjing. Through meeting artists and art managers I was fortunate to be granted opportunities to participate in two exhibitions featuring international artists as well as holding my own open studio exhibition. 
Coral was willing to assist when I had questions or needed to make arrangements related to my work and helped me connect with artists. 
If you are looking for real experience within China's booming art scene and are willing to live like a local artist then I highly recommend this residency. 

Sevada Grigoryan

I stayed in DongDong&LuLu Artist residency of Ordos for 3 fruitful weeks. In the frames of which I visited theaters and museums, fashion shows of Inner Mongolian traditional garments and dances, had a chance to go sightseeing and all these experiences served as an inspiration for creating 5 art works during my stay in Ordos. Thanks to Coral Lu for organizing meetings with famous Inner Mongolian Artists, Sculptors, Designers as well as helping us to have a deeper understanding of Inner Mongolian Culture, traditions and daily life.
These impressions are crucial for any Artist to experience and later pass onto the canvas. 

Denise Keele-bedford

DongDong and LuLu Artist Residency Ordos Inner Mongolia

During the summer of 2016 I had the pleasure of undertaking an artist in residence program in Ordos Inner Mongolia.

Organised through Coral Lu Director of DongDong and LuLu Artist Residency I stayed in the Ordos District of Kangbashi, a recently new development consisting of contemporary designed architectural buildings, waterways, many parklands and wide roads. Inner Mongolians are very proud of their clean refreshing air, blue skies and and green summer grasslands. Whilst there we took a fast train to Hohhot for three days, where we were introduced to Mongolian fashion, crafts and artists. In Ordos the accommodation overlooked parkland and was close to buses going into Kangbashi and to the old city of Dongsheng. We met many young volunteers willing to assist with language translation.

My artwork produced in Ordos reflects colours of the sky and grasslands, whilst interpreting traditional Mongolian costume design.

I thank Coral Lu and DongDong and Lulu Artist Residency for the opportunity to experience this unique area of Inner Mongolia.

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60 Art Area,
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