Please fill out the form below and either choose type of residency as regular if you are planning on doing the Regular Residency, or if you are an emerging artist (age 30 or below) and wish to do the Emerging Artist Residency with us.

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Residency in Beijing:
60 Art Area,
Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang,
Tongzhou District,
Beijing, China
Residency in Nanjing:
2101, Fangshan Art Camp,
3789 Jiyin Avenue,
Jiangning District, Nanjing,
Jiangsu Province, China
Residency in Hohhot:
Building G5, Unit 104
Yiliaodong International Garden
Saihan Dostrict, Hohhot
Inner Mongolia, China.
Residency in Taiwan:
1st Floor, Zhilanshanzhuang,
No. 37 Lanyang street
Houcuo Village, Sanzhi District
New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Residency in Ordos:
23rd Floor, Building 1,
Athlete's Village, High-tech Park,
Kangbashi District, Ordos,
Inner Mongolia, China
Residency in Garze:
Bamei, Dawu County,
Garze Tibetan Prefecture,
Sichuan Province, China
PC. 626401
Residency in Kunming:
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