The History through Photography: Chilean Artist Liú Marino

Throughout the history of art, photography and painting have had different treatments on figuration and fiction concepts, differentiating in their means but united by the imprint of the artist in it´s vision of reality, they separate while they unite, with the languague dealing with a particular model.

Both in photography and painting, the expression of time is projected on the instant image, but in it can be represented through a fragment in the condensation of a full story.

The following series addresses the production of joint works, from the pictorial translate and rereading photography, where commonalities are established between treated images and the representation from the passage of time. Liú Marino`s photography reflects in a moment the passage of time and the transformation of human beings, shedding it´s form, individuality and integrating it as mass to a lost space.

Raising the intersection between this two works brings as a result an experimentation in the translation of the pictorial images and in particular photography. Liú Marino´s photography who uses the photgraphic tools in a pictorial way, unites in this experience, to barter the places where the disciplines have worked historically.

Liú Marino, is a Chilean photographer and filmmaker, she studied in Cuba and has developed her career in Havana, Berlin, Rome and Santiago.
Her works has been exhibited in various cities, including  Vienna, Bologna, Lisbon, Beijing,  Santiago among others.

She was the first Latin American to win the International Prize Roberto Rossellini in Italy, and her documentary "Cuarteles 11" is part of the UNESCO Universal platform.

Her photographic work is characterised by the approach to painting, removing the boundaries between the two disciplines and to develop a theme where man merges into a space / landscape and losing the individuality of his being.

Residency in Beijing:
60 Art Area,
Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang,
Tongzhou District,
Beijing, China
Residency in Nanjing:
2101, Fangshan Art Camp,
3789 Jiyin Avenue,
Jiangning District, Nanjing,
Jiangsu Province, China
Residency in Hohhot:
Building G5, Unit 104
Yiliaodong International Garden
Saihan Dostrict, Hohhot
Inner Mongolia, China.
Residency in Taiwan:
1st Floor, Zhilanshanzhuang,
No. 37 Lanyang street
Houcuo Village, Sanzhi District
New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Residency in Ordos:
23rd Floor, Building 1,
Athlete's Village, High-tech Park,
Kangbashi District, Ordos,
Inner Mongolia, China
Residency in Garze:
Bamei, Dawu County,
Garze Tibetan Prefecture,
Sichuan Province, China
PC. 626401
Residency in Kunming:
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